Access Control

Access to the estate is via the gate off the Salt River Road only.

This gate has auditable logs of all vehicles accessing the estate (via logs and also video footage).

  • This system reads your numberplate, and if it is registered, it will open the gate (both in and outbound).
  • This is used for all resident vehicles.
  • Please use the form in the link below and send it to in order to register.
Download form here: Owner-Tenant – Access Control
  • This system is linked to the keypad outside the gate – visitors will key in your unique number and you will receive a call from the gate number (0608003599) and you press 1 to open the gate
  •  We have also added a second number for each household which will be used as a secondary by the system in case you don’t answer the first
  • The new system also provides App control to you:
    • You can open the gate from a button in the app
    • You can create a One Time Password (OTP) for your guests in advance of their visit which will be sent to them by SMS or WhatsApp

Click links for PDF docs on Mobile App and then the OTP Creation Set Up 

  • This is now linked to the intercom
  • When you buzz your visitors in, you will receive a message with their exit code for that visit – please provide to them before they leave
  • If you have provided an OTP to a guest – this will also work for them to exit