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Empowering Community, Enriching Lives

Discover the cornerstone of our vibrant community within the Eastford Homeowners Association. From essential documentation to security protocols, we’re committed to fostering a harmonious living environment where every resident thrives

Stay informed and engaged with regular updates from our dedicated committee, working tirelessly to address concerns and enhance communal well-being.

Explore Our Foundation: The Constitution Document

Delve into the guiding principles that shape our community. Our Constitution Document outlines the core values, rules, and governance structure that underpin life within Eastford Glen. From property regulations to community standards, this essential document serves as a blueprint for harmonious living and collective stewardship of our natural surroundings. Click below to access the constitution and discover the framework that defines our shared journey.

View Document here

Navigate the norms and regulations that uphold our community standards, fostering a cohesive and respectful living environment for all residents.

View House Rules 


Building Together, Building Beautifully

Before constructing or making modifications within Eastford Glen,Vale & Cove, it’s imperative to adhere to our carefully crafted building regulations. Designed to preserve the natural beauty and integrity of our estate, these regulations ensure that any developments harmonize with the surrounding environment, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal

Elevate Your Coastal Retreat: Eastford Cove Building Regulations

Dive into the architectural guidelines that define coastal luxury within Eastford Cove. Our building regulations blend modern aesthetics with coastal charm, ensuring that each residence embodies the essence of seaside living while upholding the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Uncover the framework for crafting your coastal sanctuary in harmony with nature.

  • To view Eastford Cove Building Design Manual click here

Crafting Your Dream Home: Eastford Glen Building Regulations

Discover the guidelines that shape architectural excellence within Eastford Glen. Our building regulations ensure that each structure harmonizes with the natural beauty of our surroundings while maintaining high standards of craftsmanship and design integrity. Explore the blueprint for creating your ideal home within our esteemed community.

Crafting Community Elegance Eastford Vale Building Regulations

Embark on a journey through the architectural standards that define elegance within Eastford Vale. Our building regulations set the stage for refined living, blending timeless design elements with modern conveniences to create a community that radiates sophistication and charm. Explore the guidelines that shape the architectural landscape of Eastford Vale and envision your ideal residence amidst picturesque surroundings.

  • To view Eastford Vale Building Design Manual click here


Ensuring Peace of Mind:
Our Commitment to Security and Access Control

At Eastford, your safety is our top priority. We employ state-of-the-art security measures and access control protocols to safeguard our community and provide residents with peace of mind. From gated entrances and CCTV surveillance to dedicated security personnel, we strive to create a secure environment where you can thrive. Explore our comprehensive security solutions and experience the comfort of knowing that your home is protected around the clock. Install our app and invite your through the app click here to view the installation guide.

    • This system reads your numberplate, and if it is registered, it will open the gate (both in and outbound).
    • This is used for all resident vehicles.
    • Please use the form in the link below and send it to in order to register.
    Download form here: Owner-Tenant – Access Control
  • This system is linked to the keypad outside the gate – visitors will key in your unique number and you will receive a call from the gate number (0608003599) and you press 1 to open the gate
  • We have also added a second number for each household which will be used as a secondary by the system in case you don’t answer the first
  • The new system also provides App control to you:
  • You can open the gate from a button in the app
  • You can create a One Time Password (OTP) for your guests in advance of their visit which will be sent to them by SMS or WhatsApp

    Click links for PDF docs on Mobile App and then the OTP Creation Set Up
  • This is now linked to the intercom
  • When you buzz your visitors in, you will receive a message with their exit code for that visit – please provide to them before they leave
  • If you have provided an OTP to a guest – this will also work for them to exit


Contact Details

All estate business will be strictly via email. Email addresses which will be used are listed in the table below. Please make sure that you whitelist these email addresses on your mail client to ensure that you receive all estate communications.

Should be used for all administrative or committee communications purposes

Please send an email to

Will only be used to send out communications to homeowners and / or tenants

Please send an email to

Should be used to communicate directly with the chairman

Please send an email to

There are a number of informal channels also used, the Eastford Talks WhatsApp group (a very good place to chat with each other about the Estates, but it is NOT monitored by the committee), the Estate Alerts WhatsApp group used by our Land Manager to inform of any urgent incidents, the Eastford Crime Alert WhatsApp group which is used for any crime / disaster communications and which IS monitored by the Rangers team (cross-estate security group).


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