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Eastford Safety, a 9-step plan

The Eastford Rangers have developed a comprehensive disaster management action plan to safeguard their community which consists of Eastford Vale, Cove, Glen, Ridge, Downs and Country Estate. The plan is based on lessons learned from previous wildfires and was created with the help of the Southern Cape Fire Protection Association. Although many of the lessons learned are derived from the 2017 wildfires, these measures are applicable for all kind of disasters.

These measures include:

1. Upgrading Infrastructure: Improving the ESKOM servitude track to ensure accessibility for all vehicles, thereby facilitating swift evacuation.

2. Evacuation Marshals: Appointing evacuation marshals who will serve as points of information, equipping residents with essential procedures, escape routes, and best practices during emergencies.

3. First Response Team: Establishing a first response firefighting team to act swiftly and decisively in the event of a wildfire outbreak.

4. Vegetation Management: Clearing invasive plants and bush around strategic areas such as fire hydrants, evacuation roads.

5. Registration: Ensuring that all estates are duly registered with the Southern Cape Fire Protection Association (SCFPA) to foster cooperation and coordination in disaster response.

6. Firebreaks: Managing and maintaining firebreaks to create natural barriers and impediments to the spread of wildfires.

7. Community Engagement: Actively engaging with neighbouring properties that may pose a fire risk, fostering a collective approach to wildfire prevention.

8. Effective Communication: Establishing robust communication channels to disseminate critical fire safety information and updates to homeowners.

9. Progress reports: Ensuring implementation, and accountability.

Furthermore, the action plan will encompass a comprehensive progress report, chronicling the strides already taken on this journey towards enhanced disaster resilience. Once completed, this will ensure that the community has an effective and efficient plan in place to safeguard itself from future disasters.


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